SMARTGAMES is the leading App and Game Templates Marketplace where anyone, even with small or no coding experience, has the opportunity to buy professional Apps and Games, ready to be customised and distributed on the App Stores. We allow everyone to have his own app or game in the App stores in no time even without any design or development skills.

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The mobile Apps are created by a network of over 50,000 approved App Developers who consistently release new App and Game Templates specifically designed to be re-skinned, customized, localized or modified before distribution in the App Stores.

Developers make money licensing their apps on a non-exclusive basis. This allows publishers to acquire apps at a fraction of the cost compared to developing them in house or contracting with outside firms. Chupamobile also offers customization services to customers who dont have design or development skills or simply want to focus on marketing the titles. Publishers can find the next big hit or quickly enhance their existing catalogs cost effectively. Others may wish to make purchases to integrate apps and games in their clients mobile development projects. Either way, Chupamobile is the solution to help you achieve your business goals.